Indicators on Flat Earth Footage You Should Know

Mark Sargent:  About six weeks following my flat Earth reserve, videos and articles started off heading viral, this character confirmed up on YouTube building a number of properly-offered "Flat Earth Clues" videos, uploading a brand new just one on a daily basis.  Upcoming he started off acquiring various radio interviews a week, received his really very own radio exhibit, and even went on Coast two Coastline AM all within the title of exposing his "Flat Earth Clues."  These "clues," on the other hand, as opposed to revealing precise scientific evidence/experiments which establish the Earth for being flat like myself and all real flat Earthers do, Mark's "clues" are usually merely his personal speculations.

I am wholly fascinated using this subject matter. I only begun getting the topic several months ago. Like most, I got down to easily disprove The subject -- now Im hooked. It genuinely seems like that you are hitting the mark, Eric.

* Be aware: for The instant let us set apart that worldwide finance disregards normal limitations to expansion. Also, place apart the seeming idolatrous mother nature of this system .

My problem to sphere congregations is ... With out utilizing the UNPROVEN theory of Gravity, how is does a sphere which includes 75% h2o contain it on its surface area? IF there was gravity, why isn't going to the exact same drive of gravity that is definitely that contains that seventy five% water smash us people similar to a pimple? I Never ever receive a sensible answer. They generally always need to revert to The mathematics for gravity. SMH. I was searching for rational arguments , for instance ...the potential for Magnitism...all h2o consists of metals as well as humans. That could happen to be an clever argument with out usage of gravity. When Obama desires to crack on FE...which makes me much more diligent in my investigate. Thanks on your candor.

One Notice, it appears that evidently you remain not of your impression that we've been inside a dome, to the absolute best of my capacity to discern we have been hence the non loss of our environment.

  Matt also included in his video a series of unsuccessful skype phone calls concerning he And that i, which he did not tell me he was recording, and which dropped every single couple seconds/minutes on account of connection challenges.  In lieu of enhancing this out, or chalking it up to standard link issues, Matt in its place still left each of the dropped phone calls and claimed in paranoid rants between every one how "they" don't desire us flat Earthers connecting so "they" have been triggering Each and every get in touch with to get dropped. 

  I have shown in my Flat Earth Conspiracy e book over and above any shadow of the doubt that entire world Freemasonry has been chargeable for this international deception, and an easy Google lookup of "Judaism and Freemasonry" will fulfill any individual of the fact that entire world Freemasonry is a hundred% beholden to, originating from, and taken care of by earth Jewry.

Addendum: It is really doable- as a result of the abilities of all covert businesses- that somebody is aware who I am currently. I believe these similar people today think that God might be mocked! You might like to re-assess that position. Even so, my identify is Andrew for those who don't know who I am. Cheers!

  He seemed somewhat off, but I chalked it around his eccentricity and even now figured he was legitimate Hearing him more explore his commissioned artwork/murals, and his problem about shills infiltrating the flat Earth movement, amongst whom he mentioned Mark Sargent, the FES, Zhib Rhan, Steven Christ, and Lori Frary - all men and women I'd also suspected.

I just found Andrew's total blog site on this subject matter disturbing and will make me dilemma his legitimacy to his connection with Dr. Judy Wood.

Thanks Eric. I started off Hearing you videos and from there listened to others. I have listened to a couple shills you've outlined but didn't know at enough time they could be shills. The infinite planet is achievable.

This topic is so appealing, and by accident unknowingly I finished observing the shills videos, as when seeking the reality if they have got no evidence or any reasonable Concepts I just assumed it had been some person bored in his bedroom, A few of these shills truly turn me in to your flat earther being straightforward as the nasa artist man help me see nasas bogus pictures, so I went and checked out nasas rocket launches/Area walks and they're just stupidly faux, as I kid I recall currently being taught we've been heading around the Sunlight, they'd to bolster it as I stored thinking the Sunshine was heading close to us, I used to be 5-8 a long time previous telling my Instructor we don't really feel dizzy.

To IFERS customers receiving banned messages, it seems There have been some kind of hack and i am acquiring an influx of experiences from real associates getting ban messages even though They are really in superior standing about the Discussion board :( I'm quite sorry concerning this and don't know how to proceed.

I can not consider any other shills. I obtain it amusing, only simply because I am quite peaceful relating to this matter, that your list of shills matches what I've discerned about Individuals people.

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